Are You an All-Wheel Drive or Four-Wheel Drive Person?

At Champion Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, we offer a wide selection of cars to try to match different people's needs. Part of this includes having models with all- or four-wheel drive systems. Both systems work well for most people, but knowing the difference between both can help guide you to choose a car that can be the most beneficial for you.

Most cars and crossovers use the all-wheel drive. Trucks, SUVs, larger/heavier vehicles tend to use the four-wheel drive system. This is because, in a four-wheel drive system, each individual tire is adjusted in terms of torque and pressure to match the road conditions. For cars trailblazing through rougher, non-paved terrain, this can ensure additional safety as each tire is being accounted for. This makes the ride safer but also smoother for the driver. The special design of the four-wheel system allows for great traction so that it is easier to navigate even in the rougher terrains.

All-wheel allows for each tire to have a stable power pressure. There is no " right" or " wrong", but just one that fits better for your needs. If you are wanting more information about the systems or still are unsure which is right for you, plan to visit our showroom in Athens, AL to learn more!

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