Understanding the Meaning of Your Dashboard Lights

Owning a vehicle can come with unexpected causes for alarm in the local Athens area. Fortunately, dashboard indicator lights strive to communicate with the driver to express a potential maintenance or mechanical problem. Our staff at Champion Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM always emphasize the need for understanding your dashboard lights as they help you to comprehend everything goes on in your automobile. Some of the essential Dashboard lights are;

Fuel light: It simply requires you to top up the fuel tank with gas. When it pops up, it does not necessarily imply that the gas tank is empty, it only indicates that the fuel has reached a critical level.

Tire Pressure Light: Tires help to provide traction, when you fail to fill them up appropriately, then you end up messing up the car rim, and that's why you fill them up once you see the wheel pressure light.

Engine Oil: It is one of the few dashboard lights that will require you to halt immediately and call a towing company, or have a mechanic brought to the location of the car to check its engine condition.

Ensuring that your car is in a perfect state is not as costly as having to repair major parts of the vehicle. When a dashboard light shows up when you are in the local are, you can visit our service center at 907 South Clinton Street and our professional mechanics will help to check your car!

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