Discover the True Meaning of Horsepower

Most people are familiar with the term horsepower, yet remain unfamiliar with the meaning of the term. The term horsepower originated with James Watts, who worked at a coal mine. Ponies were used to lift the coal, and he was looking for a way to explain the power of the animal. He discovered in one minute; most ponies could accomplish 22,000 pounds of work.

This is the measurement that has been passed down for centuries and applies to cars, chainsaws, and lawn mowers. The equivalent of 11 horsepower is 746 watts. Using this figure, in an hour an electric heater can produce 2,545 BTU. This is sufficient to increase the temperature of a pound of water by a full degree.

All of us at Champion Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM want you to understand the terminology used for your car or truck. This will better enable you to appreciate both the quality and workmanship of your vehicle. Stop in and explore the modern meaning of horsepower in Athens, AL!

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